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Why Do I Need a Control System?

Updated: May 3, 2021

You don't need a control system but hey can very useful. For example, a lighting control system will allow you to turn all the lights off in the house when you press and hold the off button, for two seconds, by the front door.

How about you want to improve on this? Why not have all TVs and music go off as well. What about when you set the alarm, it automatically tuns out the lights, turns off TVs, Music and turns the thermostat down by 5 degrees.

Want Internal CCTV cameras in case of intruders but worried about security? You could have the system linked to a hardware relay which powers off the CCTV cameras in the house, so there is no way they can be accessed unless the alarm is set, and this won't be done if anyone is in the house.

Door entry systems can not only alert you if someone is at the door, even when you are away from home, but they can even alert you when the kids get home from school or if a delivery driver calls and the entry phone is not answered, you can be emailed an image of the driver.

All this and much more is available with a Control system.

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