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VOIP Telephony

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Looking for a simple way to add extra telephone lines? Our VOIP service can be set up with no need to book an engineer and there is no fixed contract. Add lines or cancel the service with only a month’s notice.

You will need reliable broadband and a device to make and receive calls. This includes:

VOIP Handsets

Desk phone £140

We csn supply a range of desk phones, with ixed like the one shown, or mobile DECT units. These enable calls to be made an received just like traditional home or business phones.

Apps for Smart Phones

Android or iPhone Apps can be used.

Make and receive calls using your business number, even when out and about.

With a smart phone app, you can take your business calls when you are not in the office.

VOIP to telephone handset adapter

Cisco SPA112 VOIP Adapter £65

Plug your old analogue handsets in and use two lines and multiple handsets per line.


Single Extension £5/month

Single Line £5/month

Number porting £30

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