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Rako Lighting

Rako is the easy ay of adding Lighting Control to your home, without running any aditional wires. Rako is simple to install and simple to operate and simple to use. Just inset a wireless dimmer into the circuit anywhere before the first light and that circuit is enabled for wireless dimming. Next remove the exisiting light switches and wire the live and switch lines together so the circuit is permanently on. Now get a wireless Rako keypad and install anywhere in the room. It is battery powered do doesn't need mains power. It will even fit over the old switch back box.

Programming is done by simple key presses on any of the keypads or If you wish to add app control through your phone or you wish to program with a laptop, add a Rako Hub. This also enables Amazon Alexa integration plus the ability to have the keypads control Sonos music systems.

A typical living room of around 6 circuits should take a morning to install.

Wired Solutions

Of course if you wish to use a wired solution, Rako has a range of wsired products as well. Centrally located dimming Raks contain multiple dimmers or switching modules and keypads are wired back to a central Rak Link, using Cat5 cable. Why use wired Rako? It tends to be used or larger installations as it is easier to maintain and organise the cabling. If yiou know where all the modules are located, furture maintenance is easier. If the house is bein g rewired, the wired solution is normally preferred.


If you want to have a combination of wired and wireless Rako, that is no problem. The Rako Hub will talk to both.

If you have a Control system, like Control4 or Crestron, you can even control your lights using the TV remote Control.

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