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Multi Room Music

Updated: May 3, 2021

There are many different ways to have music around your home. This could simply be separate HiFis in each room, a network of separate music players or a centralised music system.

Music thesae days is most about online music services, with streeaming from providers such as Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Tidal. With most modern music players you can subscribe to one or many of these services, so you could have a simply music player in the Kitchen playing music from the internet. Many music players will have Wifi built in but f you are planning to do this, we would suggest having a wired ethernet socket next to the place the msuic player will be located.

In addition to streaming services, if you have music stored on a computer or network attached storage (NAS) drive, your music system will be able to access this.

Centralised Music

If you are planning to have music in multiple rooms, we would suggst a centralised system. This is where all th speakers are wired back to a central location, such as a plant room or maybe just an understairs cupboard. With standalone systems, such as Sonos, you can locate all the ZonePlayers centrally, ofte using a multi cannel power amplifier or you could use a matrix system such as Control4. A matrix system has a number of inputs, such as tuner 1, tner 2, Spotify stream 1, 2, CD etc and a number of outputs. The Control4 system manages the process of connecting inputs to outputs, so you can listen to source 1 in rooms 1,3 and 4, source 2 in room 2 and source 3 in room 6 or you may just want to have the same source in all rooms.

Sonos Music

With Sonos Music, each room (or Zone) has its own music player. This can be an Amp, which a built in amplifier or a Port which requires a separate amplifier, often a multi channel one, powering several Ports. Each room can play its own music from a selection of internet radio, online streaming services, network music stored on your PC or NAS or a local source, such as a turntable, analogue radio, CD or even a cassette player. These local sources connected to one device are available to all the other devices on the network.

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