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Lighting Control

Updated: May 3, 2021

What is lighting Control and who needs it? Gone are the days where you would have a pendant in the centre of the room and a couple of table lamps. Now rooms are fitted with multiple lighting circuits and dimmers. You may have five or six (or more) circuits in a single room. The whole atmosphere of a space can be alterered and enhanced, just by subtle lighting changes. With traditional lights and dimmers you can achieve this by setting the various dimmer knobs to the right level of each light - if you can remember which is which!

With Lighting Control, you set scenes. You then have a small number oif buttons, say five.The top would notmally turn everything on. The bottom would be all off. The others would be scenes, such as Evening, Entertaining, Movie or Night.

With the press of a single button, the lighting in the room can be transformed.

Not only this, but you can then have a single button at the top of the stairs which turns off all the downstairs lights, helpful at bedtime when you don't want to go around turning off lights in every room, one by one.

And light switch can control more than just lights. We can integrate with your AV system, so the off button also turns off music and TVs.

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