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Extending Wireless Range

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

Many people have an issue with their Wifi at home. It works in some rooms and not others. There are solutions for this, but what are they.


This is a term many people use but there is no real thing as a booster. Instead you have:

  • Wireless Repeaters. These receiver the wireless signal from one access point and then act as a relay, repeating that signal. These do work and only require a power socket. the major issue is that they halve the available bandwidth. If you have a 300Mbps wireless network, after the repeater, only 150 will be available. If you repeat again, then 75Mbps. If your broadband is only 50 Mbps in the first place this is not too much of an issue. However since it is all relying on wireless and this does suffer from interference, this is not a reliable way of doing things.

  • PowerLine. This is a system which instead of using a wired connection to a Wireless Access Point (WAP) you can use the mains wiring of your home. The data is actually sent over your existing power cables from a transmitter connected to your router, to a WAP or WAPs located around your property. Whilst this is a solution it’s success will be determined by how good your wiring is and it will not replace good data cabling.

  • Wireless Access Points. These are devices which connect to your router via a Cat 5 or Cat6 cable and provide wireless broadband. Assuming you have data points located around your property, you can place WAPs at these, should you need to extend your wireless coverage. nb. If you have too many WAPs, you will actually cause interference and end up with worse wireless connectivity. We can help you select and tune your network for optimal performance.

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