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Domain Names

So how do domain names work? Domain names are nice, easy-to-remember words or phrases which point at the website or email server IP addresses. When you purchase a domain name, you get the right to use that name for a period of time. After that period you have to renew it, normally for a very modest cost of £15 per year, although some domains can be registered for up to 10 years at one time.

The first thing you need to do with a new domain is to find a registrar to host it. We can register these for you. The next thing you will need to do is either ask us to point the domain at your web or email server, using our DNS servers, or you can transfer the domain (at any tie) to your own host, at no charge.

Domain Name costs

New domain are £15 inc VAT, including the first year. Renewals are the same cost. 5 year renewals are £67.50 inc VAT (10% discount). 10 year registrations or renewals are £120  inc VAT (20% discount).

Customer Service Agreement

Domain names re very important to you as they are a vital part of your email communication and well as website availability. If you contact us regarding your domain we will normally respond the same day, if not, we aim to respond within three days. Any issues you have will be dealt with as a priority. This may mean modifying your DNS details or renewing your name. We do not do hosting or email, although we can recommend companies who do.

Domaon names can be registered for 1 year as a minimum and up to 10 years before requiring renewal. We will inform you of renewals one month prior and if they are not, then again when the expiry date happens. Dont worry, the domain will not be cancelled immediately, although it is sensible to renew as soon as possible. If we do not hear from you within 60 days, the name will be cancelled.

Complaints & Escalation Process

Your domain is very important and we take complaints very seriously. Should anything not be to your satisfaction, please email customer service at or telephone us  on 01825811549. We aim to respond within 3 working days.


If customer service can not deal with this to your requirements, please ask for this to be escalated and we will have this looked into. If we cant resolve this, please feel free to contact Nominet, the UK registration body at

Transferring a Domain to a registrar

We do not charge for transferring a domain away or to us.

We use Fast Hosts as the example here but most registrars offer a similar process. If in doubt, contact them.

  1. Log in to the Control panel

  2. Select Transfer from the Menu bar

  3. Enter the domain you wish bro transfer in

  4. Press Transfer In

You will then be asked for payment details although they will charge you £0, so nothing will be taken. You even get an invoice for £0.

Next, go to the registrar which currently has the domain and request a TAG change. If you are using FastHosts, it its LIVEDOMAINS. After a short period the transfer should be complete.

Having done this, it is time to put your domain to work. If you have an email provider, you can ask them to add your domain name to your email account. They will then the DNS details of their email servers. These are called MX records and you typically have two. 

If you have an Apple iCloud account you can add your domain name so your iCloud email will be your instead of To find out more, go to:

If you do decide to purchase a domain from us, feel free to contact us and we can help you set up your domain.


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